11 December 2011

Here I am again. Remember the Bargello Quilt named Fractured Rhapsody? Now it is no more Fractured Rhapsody but now I named it as 'Music of My Life' cos I could not follow the original pattern anymore since it was long left behind so I just follow my heart in cutting and sewing it. Another 10% to complete and soon I will publish it again. Happy quilting to all quilters.

28 November 2011

Another Birdie

Well, I am back again with another birdie that I did for my best friend's grand daughter Iris who was 3 years old on 26th November, 2011. We had a great celebration at her house with Mickey Mouse theme. Anyway, I kind of like doing this birdie, the pattern is easy to follow and lots of fun doing it and it took only three hours sewing it all together.

I will be back soon with my next completed project. Happy quilting.

07 November 2011

Fractured Rhapsody

I am taking this out to finish it. My friend Datin Mariam gave me the encouragement to do it..thanks to her. Quilter needs another quilter to encourage and inspire each other. Anyway, this is one of my  PHds (project half done) and pattern which was first taken from the book Bargello Quilts by Marge Edie and the name of this quilt is Fractured Rhapsody.

I first started putting this together in March 2006....gosh 7 years being left behind. I am going to start sewing...will post it once done...wish me luck again.

28 October 2011

Table Doily

It has been a long time I have not updated my work.  I have been busy with everyday activities. Anyway I am not going to leave behind my hobbies of course! So now happy and done with my table doily crochet.

Soon will be coming out with other crochets that I am working on.

24 September 2011

Hello Birdie Pillow

Well, I have done it! One of the birdies ready to be flown to my daughter in Melbourne, Australia. It is kind of fun and fast doing it. I took two days to get it completed cos I had to hand stitched the appliques using DMC embroidery threads due to my machine gave trouble....too bad. My eldest daughter helped to stitched hers.

20 September 2011

Hello Birdie Pillow

Well, now my two birdies are ready to be machine appliqued using embroidery thread. Hoping my embroidery machine, Janome Memory Craft 5700 will not be giving me any problem. Here we go....

19 September 2011

Hello Birdie Pillow

At last I found the right selection of fabrics from my collection for the two birdies with the help of my eldest daughter. Time to start sewing...here we go...

18 September 2011

Hello Birdie Pillow

My 2nd daughter just inspired me again by saying "Mummy, I just had a look at your blog...gosh you have not updated it for a long time!!!".  Well, that sentence helped me to move forward again and like a wake-up call.

Okay, let's see what I can do with this 'Hello Birdie Pillow' before I go and visit her....wish me luck cos I have a week to finish it up!!! Fun I am sure.

13 August 2011

Wish Upon A Star

This lap quilt was made 4 years ago using paper foundation piecing techniques. Pattern taken from Carol Doak's which is one of my favourite.  I named it 'Wish Upon A Star' quilt. Patched them patiently and turned it into a lap quilt and gave it  to my friend who lives in Kurrajong, Sydney, Australia on her 68th birthday when she came to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate her birthday with mine. She is also a quilter and that is how we became friends since 14 years ago and she is just like my family now.

05 August 2011

Old Found Hobby

My old hobby came back to life recently after coming back from a friend's house. Inspired by her and so I started doing it again on July 25, 2011. Alternating this with my patchwork so that I won't be easily bored by joining and sewing patchwork blocks only.

Blocks of Love

Yes, it has been a month that I have been away from updating my blog.  Been so busy lately. On the night of June 30, 2011 I really wanted to post the completed quilt that I made for my daughter but was too busy packing, I didn't manage to do so. Now that is how it looks like:

The backing fabric I joined two different fabrics together.

That is the quilt label that is being stitched and my Pretty Ideas label.

That is how it looks like when placed on her bed.  Mission accomplished!!!

28 June 2011

Blocks of Love

Well, i have been keeping quiet since my last quilt because have been busy patching and sewing all these blocks. I am doing this for my daughter who is flying off to Melbourne, Australia to further her studies. The animals were paper-pieced which patterns are taken from Margaret Rolfe's Animal Kingdom. The pictures are chosen by my daughter i.e. family picture, best friends from HELP College and best friends from Secondary Science School (KUSES) which are printed using Inkjet Printable Fabric.
This will be a twin size quilt and really really has to be completed before 30th June 2011.....2 more days from today.  I am really pressured for time...wish me LUCK!

Now i am adding the little little details i.e embroidery stitching and with some other embellishments.
Will soon be posting the completed quilt.

12 June 2011

Sultry Quilt

My Sultry braid quilt. A group project for JUQ.

This is how it looks like as a whole quilt.  Made from two jelly rolls of 40 pieces bought from Cottage Patchwork, cut and combined together as braid following colour gradation. I quilted it using 'Sunburst' design with my PFAFF Hobby 1200 Grande Quilter which i really like. Started this group project for JUQ on May 16th 2011 and completed on June 9th 2011 (on my birthday) and managed to photograph and posted it today. Happy and now starting on next quilt for my daughter Nur Amirah 'Animal Kingdom'....coming out soon.

This is how it looks like from behind.

The quilt label and my personal label 'Pretty Ideas' sewn together.

02 June 2011

BOM - Haye's Corner

At last after two days being down with flu, i wasn't able to finish my block as promised. It's better to be late than never...so here it is my 3rd BOM for JUQ - Haye's Corner. It is an easy block to do. Now anxiously waiting for the 4th BOM which voting will be done on the 8th June 2011.

31 May 2011

BOM - No Name Block #2

As promised tonite i managed to complete my 2nd BOM for JUQ called No Name Block #2.  It is kind of too bright colour choice of fabrics but i guess it is okay. I am too tired to continue with my 3rd block cos just finished celebrating my son's 17th birthday. Anyway, i am looking forward to do the next.

30 May 2011

BOM - Annie's Choice

Taking a break from quilting my Sultry braids, i managed to complete my 1st BOM for JUQ i.e. Annie's Choice that was given to us to do in March. So so way behind. I am happy with the colours. Will continue the next two blocks tomorrow morning.....i am so so rajin these few weeks. Thumbs up to me and i am happy.

29 May 2011

JUQ Block of the Month

Believe it or not i am so way behind doing this BOM for JUQ i.e. from March, April and May. So taking a break from quilting the Sultry braids, i took out these fabrics that i want to do for the three months blocks. Hope i can finish them in two days time...wish me luck again!!!

25 May 2011

Sultry Braids Quilt

Well the story goes like this. I first joined Just Us Quilter in March 2011 after being introduced by my best friend forever, Mariam Osman. I am grateful to her for introducing me to this group cos it starts to motivate me again to sew even though i am busy with my everyday life.

The Sultry Braids is our group project for JUQ and i started it on 16th May 2011. So i bought these 2 1/2" jelly roll (2 rolls) from Cottage Patchwork and have them all cross-cut to 7" rectangles. I planned to have a colour gradation from blue to light blue, pink to red. After joining the 7" rectangles together,  this is how it looks like:

Working hard on it and during this hot season, it gives me a lot of calmness but at times quite stressful. Stressful because at times my sewing is not precisely 1/4" scant seam.

It took me two days to join  all the seven braids and adding the inner and outer borders and finally today i successfully completed the quilt top. This is how it looks like:

After this it will get basted, quilted and will have a scallop edging.  Will post the picture once done. Mariam my bff is doing this Sultry Braids too. And i will post the complete quilt together with Mariam in JUQ. Wish me luck!

06 March 2011

3 Dimensional Ribbonary Wall Hanging

This 3-Dimensional Ribbon Applique wall hanging was done on a 16-count cross stitch linen....i stipple quilted it to finish up. 

Ribbonries on Picnic Baskets

Nothing much to say, but all these picnic baskets, i decorated them using wired ribbons turning them into garden flowers.

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1. Those hand towels were machine embroidered using the disk from my Janome Memory Craft 5700.

2. Those were called 'lazy man bag' made to be placed on a sofa and to be used  for putting newspaper, tv controls, etc etc.

3.  The rest of the pictures were my work on stencils using parsley motif stenciled on the apron, pot holders and oven gloves.

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  The two red and green cushion covers have a reversed colours on the flower appliques done.  I took the pattern from an old 'The Quilter's Magazine".

2.  The vases were decorated with ribbon flowers etc etc....i had to do 50 pieces all together for an organisation.

3.  A picture frame that i did and decorated it with ribbon embroideries.  It was fun doing it and trying to test my creativity level....nothing to shout about!!!!

4.  That was my first Teddy Bear that i learned to do from Quilt Gallery.  Well, i can say that was the first and the last and i gave to my niece's daughter for her birthday.  It was easy to do but i don't really like doing it.

Hand Towels, Plastic Bags Dispensers, Framed Work, Place-mats and runners, Cushion Covers

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  Those were hand towels which i embroidered using one of the patterns from the disk of  my Janome Memory Craft 5700.

2.  The plastic bags dispenser was simple to make which i just used pre printed blocks and have them sewn on the background fabric.

3.  This 3 dimensional fabric flowers in a vase was sewn on a prequilted white fabric and had it framed.

4.  The place-mats and runner were made for a friend.  I hand applique the flowers and finished them up with lace borders.

5.  The two mariners compass cushion covers was done for my niece...it was done on paper piecing techniques.

First Taught Quilt

Well looking at all the above pictures, the only one i have to explain is the lap quilt of which that was the  first quilt i learned to sew properly during my first lesson with Cottage Patchwork. The rest of the pictures are the same work that i did and had explained previously in my previous entries.

Tea Cozy, Paper Tole, Ribbon Flowers, String Pouches and Decorated Ornaments

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1. Those two tea cosy covers were made for my sister and using the pattern from Carol Doak's paper piecing techniques.

2.  I learned to do this 'paper tole' from Quilt Gallery....kind of interesting work but lots of tension used on your finger...nice to be framed.  In fact i have few more to do....wonder when?????

3.  The two baskets (picnic and sewing baskets) was painted with stencil paint and decorated with flowers made from wired ribbons and i followed the patterns from "A Passion for Ribbonry" by Camela Nitschke.  It is fun doing this and creating many types of flowers, leaves, buds etc etc.

4.  The few string pouches was made for an organisation for their door gifts on father's day.  The pouches were meant to be used to place the golf balls, etc etc.

5.  The ornaments were decorated with laces, ribbon flowers etc etc. Those were fun to do too.

Quilt, Cushion Covers and Table Cloth

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  That was my first ever made quilt ....self taught and first time trying on doing patchwork. The pattern was taken from one of the oldest quilt magazine "The Quilter's Magazine". I gave to my son to use it.

2.  That single size quilt i made from my own idea to be given as a birthday gift for my best friend's daughter.

3.  The cushion covers and the table cloth was commissioned to me by my sister-in-law.  For the cushion covers i took the pattern from "More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts" by Pam Bono Designs and the block named as Sunflowers. And as for the table cloth I machine applique  the sunflowers and came out with own pattern. The whole project i named them as "Sunflowers Everywhere".
Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  This preprinted cat block cushion was made for my sister's cat to sleep/sit on....such a pampered cat.

2.  The floor cushion was made for my mum and the applique pattern was taken from 'Encyclopedia of Applique' by Barbara Brackman.  

3.  I chose the flower basket applique from the same encyclopedia and made two cushion covers for my mum. 

4.  That was the 2nd cushion made for my sister's cat.

Past Baby Quilts

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  This baby quilt was commissioned to me to be made for a friend's baby.

2.  The baby quilt was commissioned to me for friend's baby girl....i chose to applique the chicken in a rectangular block and finished it up with borders.

3.  I was commissioned to sew these preprinted blocks for a friend's newborn baby.

4.  This particular single quilt was commissioned to me to have it done for a friend too.  I used preprinted small blocks and blocked them up which looks like looking through windows.  Quilted in the ditch.

Past Quilts

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  This queen size quilt was made for my eldest daughter and named as 'Flower Girl' quilt.

2.  This twin size quilt was made for my 2nd daughter. The block pattern was Sun Burst and in the gradation of blues.  The quilt was named "Day and Night".

3.  Well, this queen size quilt was commissioned to me by my sister-in-law and she gave me the freedom to choose the pattern.  So i chose to machine applique the roses which pattern was  taken from an 'Encyclopedia of Applique by Barbara Brackman and joined by Courthouse Steps blocks.

4.  This baby quilt too was commissioned to me for a friend's newborn grandchild.  I did not follow any particular pattern. I used the preprinted blocks and joined randomly with square and rectangle blocks.

05 March 2011

Past Quilts

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  This was a baby quilt also done with  a preprinted square block motif which i made for my friend's 2nd child.

2.  The lap quilt was specially made for my mum using Carol Doak's paper piecing techniques. My mum loves it very much.

3.  I was commissioned to do this baby quilt using preprinted motif too.  I shadow quilted the design and it was simple.

4.  This lap quilt was specially made too for my dad using normal piecing techniques....well the pattern i have forgotten from where i took it....but never mind.

Past Quilts

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1. This single quilt was done in the early years when i first started taking classes.  Simple.... using ready made   square motifs and i just joined them by using sashings and adding borders and quilted in the ditch.

2. The same way as the first quilt.

3.  This was the first block of the months that i learned when starting lessons with Quilt Gallery.

4.  This choo choo train motif was chosen to be given to my friend for her son's birthday.  Simple straight sewing quilted in the ditch too.

As for a beginner, quilting is always in the ditch.

26 February 2011

My First Pouches

Hmmm....pouches.  I was really really interested in learning how to do this and so i learned from Quilt Gallery.No doubt it is easy and can be done in one day but kind of complicated and it was easier to hand stitch rather than doing it with a machine. I embellished one of them, which you can see clearly, using yoyo with button sewn on it.  So i guess these will be my last hand-made pouches....end of story!!!!

23 February 2011

A Calligraphic Applique

Well, i really love doing this project which was also my first watercolour calligraphic applique wall hanging also using collage techniques. I completed it in May 2000. This work was also featured in the same local quilt book "Variasi Seni" by Harvinder Kaur and Zamirah Arshad.

A House in a Village

This wall hanging was my first landscape quilt project in the year 2000.  The picture was copied from a postcard which featured a wooden house in a village near a stream.  The techniques used here were machine appliques, thread embroideries and stenciling.  It was really fun to do and took me six months to complete it. But if anyone were to ask me to do it again....gosh....i surrender!!! This work of mine was featured in our local quilt book "Variasi Seni" by Harvinder Kaur and Zamirah Arshad.