01 January 2017

My New Year 2017 Begins

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2017

Yes I am back after such a long long time. My personal life has stopped me from continuing my hobby for awhile. Alhamdullilah I am a proud grandmother 'Lola' to grand daughter Hanna and she is 1 year 6 months now.
My determination this year is to complete my ongoing projects and half done projects. Yes I will!
On the new year eve, I have the urge to start cleaning my sewing room and it was a success, and my new year begins.
My 2017 diary given by my daughter Nur Amirah who lives in Melbourne, Australia, will be filled with my patchwork & quilting projects.

Till then.


19 April 2016

Coming Back Soon

It has been at least three years that I have not written or post any of my work.  A few things in my life have changed my normal activities.  I have started working again helping a very close friend cum my tutor and mentor in this hobby of mine.

Anyway, soon I will be posting my work. I am missing my blog.


28 January 2013

JUQ Group - Big Block Swap

It has been days that I last wrote. Just completed sewing for the second group #8 that I am in.

It is kind of amazing when I see the colours being combined  i.e. strong colours with subdued colours. I tried to choose colours as per requested by the swappers and hoping that they will like them. Done with love and friendship among quilters are priceless.

Now I am sewing for group #12. Will be posting them pretty soon.


09 January 2013

Big Star Blocks by Rhoda Forbes of JUQ

This is another interesting project from JUQ organised by Rhoda Forbes...Big Star Blocks in which a block measures 25" square. A project where in a group there are 9 persons swapping internationally. This is for the 1st Group that I am in. It is good to use up all my fabrics that I have in store.

Now going to Group #8 and Group #12...see you again.

02 January 2013

Boxes Mystery Quilt - By Kylie Kenny of JUQ

First and foremost Happy New Year to everyone and it is the 2nd day of the month. I have been busy sewing the Boxes Mystery Quilt organised by Kylie Kenny of JUQ  which was a 3 days sewing project started on December 28, 2012 and ended December 30, 2012.

Owh well, I can say that this is the fastest quilt top that I have ever made besides the Jelly Roll quilt. Along the way in sewing, I made few mistakes which I was happy to face it, something that I always believe that I always learn through my mistakes..!!  Ripping is one of my favourite task. So let me show you the quilt top that I have done with the instructions given by Kylie Kenny.

:Later on I will use black coloured fabric for its binding....Thank you for Kylie Kenny again for organising this three days on line project.

Now I need to complete sewing the Big Star Blocks for international swap and also finishing up 7 pieces cushion covers for dear sister-in-law.

See you again.

26 December 2012

JUQ Online Project - Boxes Mystery Quilt 2012

It has been a long time since I last updated my work. Has been busy lately, nothing serious but in everyday life.

Today kind of excited to show what I have after selecting the fabrics that are in my collection to start with this new mystery quilt, starting December 28th to December 30th...a three days online project organised by Kylie Kenny. So far Kylie always has a fun mystery quilt to share with us.

Till then will write again about this, showing the progress on the first clue which will be out on December 28th.

See you soon.

08 November 2012

Pot Holder Swaps

This pot holder swaps is being organised by Naomi Vela and some how I kind of got myself caught up and sewn a few pairs...one to a swapper friend, three for gifts and two for my own kitchen.

Thank you to Craftygemini.com to have a tutorial on this.

If you have the time, please go to the said website for more tutorials. It is fun!