26 February 2011

My First Pouches

Hmmm....pouches.  I was really really interested in learning how to do this and so i learned from Quilt Gallery.No doubt it is easy and can be done in one day but kind of complicated and it was easier to hand stitch rather than doing it with a machine. I embellished one of them, which you can see clearly, using yoyo with button sewn on it.  So i guess these will be my last hand-made pouches....end of story!!!!

23 February 2011

A Calligraphic Applique

Well, i really love doing this project which was also my first watercolour calligraphic applique wall hanging also using collage techniques. I completed it in May 2000. This work was also featured in the same local quilt book "Variasi Seni" by Harvinder Kaur and Zamirah Arshad.

A House in a Village

This wall hanging was my first landscape quilt project in the year 2000.  The picture was copied from a postcard which featured a wooden house in a village near a stream.  The techniques used here were machine appliques, thread embroideries and stenciling.  It was really fun to do and took me six months to complete it. But if anyone were to ask me to do it again....gosh....i surrender!!! This work of mine was featured in our local quilt book "Variasi Seni" by Harvinder Kaur and Zamirah Arshad.