06 March 2011

Tea Cozy, Paper Tole, Ribbon Flowers, String Pouches and Decorated Ornaments

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1. Those two tea cosy covers were made for my sister and using the pattern from Carol Doak's paper piecing techniques.

2.  I learned to do this 'paper tole' from Quilt Gallery....kind of interesting work but lots of tension used on your finger...nice to be framed.  In fact i have few more to do....wonder when?????

3.  The two baskets (picnic and sewing baskets) was painted with stencil paint and decorated with flowers made from wired ribbons and i followed the patterns from "A Passion for Ribbonry" by Camela Nitschke.  It is fun doing this and creating many types of flowers, leaves, buds etc etc.

4.  The few string pouches was made for an organisation for their door gifts on father's day.  The pouches were meant to be used to place the golf balls, etc etc.

5.  The ornaments were decorated with laces, ribbon flowers etc etc. Those were fun to do too.

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