31 August 2010

Sunshine Quilt

Well, well ....this is the fastest made quilt i have ever done.  I made this quilt for my daughter in March 2008 for her to bring along to further her studies in Adelaide, Australia. She said she wants something bright and literally bright and in pink.  So we chose the fabrics together from my collections and chosen the pattern from my collection of quilt books too i.e. Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun but i finished it with floral pink borders. How i wished i have collection of Kaffe Fassett's fabrics but locally couldn't get them.

It took me two weeks to complete sewing the whole quilt with the bindings being sewn on the eve of my daughter's departure. Wow...what a sweat!!!! Luckily it is a simple pattern to follow.

Japanese Garden Quilt

Well, how i started this hexagons??? My friend introduced me to this hexagon using hexagon templates. First, each one of them i  have to sew the top, batting and backing together.  I purposely bought japanese design fabrics to do this pattern.  For a whole queen size quilt i need to do at least 800 pieces...gosh...when shall i finish sewing them???? 

My Quilting Books

Well now talking about patchwork and quilting books....in my collection i have 329 books. I typed the list of books and have it saved in my computer.  In the year 2009 i bought EQ6 and in mid year of 2010 upgraded it to EQ7 which i am so excited about it and yet to come out on some interesting patterns to make quilts.

Besided books, i do subscribe to McCall Quilting Mag, The Quilter's Mag, The Quilter's Newsletter, The Quiltmaker and Love of Quilting by Fons & Porter. I am also an online member of QNNtv.com too.  Just to keep myself updated in the quilting world.

My Fabrics Stash

Well, all quilters love to collect fabrics. No matter where we go we buy fabrics for our to be made quilts. What i have here are in half metres more for my quilt blocks and some are in three metres for my borders and six metres for the backings.  I tried to arrange them in shade of colours.

And about fat quarters, i have dozens of that too which i bought locally, online shopping and in Australia when i visited my daughter and my best friend.

My favourite place of shopping locally is from Quilt Gallery, Cottage Patchwork and Yee Button.  I just love my fabrics.

Twisted Heart

Ermm....guess when i started this project?.....In the early year of 2009.  This is one interesting and complicated project that i am doing at the moment. Taking lessons from Cottage Patchwork. For me doing this project is very challenging and lots of patience required.  But looking at the bright side, it is kind of therapy to ease our stress. There are 20 blocks for me to complete with 40 pieces fabrics of strip piecing using colour gradation. Once i am done with the 20 blocks,  i will post it first before completing the whole quilt....i promise!!!! This motivates me to do it faster. I am going to name this quilt as "My Twisted Heart".

Sea Blues Memory Quilt

I made this single size quilt for my son with his pictures sewn as memory quilt in the year 2009. I used the inkjet fabric sheets to print all his favourite personal photos.  He loves cars and  the shades of blue was chosen  because I like the movie Avatar (okay no it's actually just because my son loves the colour blue). I used buttons for the embellishments on this quilt and using the half-square triangle pattern to create the illusion that the quilt is a deep blue sea. I did stitchery quilt label but unfortunately i chose the wrong coloured thread.....The pattern was partly taken from the book "A Fine Finish: New Bindings for Award Winning Quilts" by Cody Mazuran.