26 December 2012

JUQ Online Project - Boxes Mystery Quilt 2012

It has been a long time since I last updated my work. Has been busy lately, nothing serious but in everyday life.

Today kind of excited to show what I have after selecting the fabrics that are in my collection to start with this new mystery quilt, starting December 28th to December 30th...a three days online project organised by Kylie Kenny. So far Kylie always has a fun mystery quilt to share with us.

Till then will write again about this, showing the progress on the first clue which will be out on December 28th.

See you soon.

08 November 2012

Pot Holder Swaps

This pot holder swaps is being organised by Naomi Vela and some how I kind of got myself caught up and sewn a few pairs...one to a swapper friend, three for gifts and two for my own kitchen.

Thank you to Craftygemini.com to have a tutorial on this.

If you have the time, please go to the said website for more tutorials. It is fun!

29 October 2012

10-Minute Table Runner

I managed to sew all the six pieces table runners in one night as gifts to my 6 sister-in-laws at our gathering recently. I learned this method through one of the JUQ members, Sherry Young Abrams. This is a really great and fast way to make as gifts for birthdays, house warming etc etc.

Mood: Very Happy!!!

25 October 2012

On Line Project - Scraps Blocks Swap

This is another great way to use up all your scraps that you have in your keeping. All quilters must have scraps that is for sure. And this method of sewing of strip piecing added on randomly with the other fabrics will turnout fabulously and you will be amazed on how it will turn out at the end of the day.

The blocks are done and sent out internationally on October 23, 2012. I have to thank you Janni Pederson for organising this swap. It is a great fun and of course knowing new friends too.

On Line Project - Signature Blocks Swap

These are the last lot of signature blocks that I had to do for Worldwide Siggy Swap. Another great project that I have been enjoying myself. The last 26 pieces done and all sent out on October 23, 2012. All together 100 pieces had been done...and I am hoping to receive 100 pieces too from all over the world. Once received, will have to patched together (with a pattern in mind) and turned into either wall hanging or lap quilt. I should be able to get two lap quilts with these 100's...looking forward to this.

I must say thank you to Naomi Vela from Australia who has been busy organising this project. A very fun block to do especially the middle blocks.

On Line Project - Quilters' Half Squares Triangles

Now I am done with the Half Square Triangles for the 2nd round to all international swappers. It is quite nice how it turned out following the respective request on the colours. I used the range of fabrics  of Graphic design from Paintbrush Studios.  Before this I was quite afraid to do half square triangles but now no fear at all. I must thank you Anita Paterson Black for organising this on line project.

All had been sent out on October 23, 2012.

16 October 2012

On line Group - Scraps Blocks Swap

Remember, I mentioned that I will come back once I have completed all the blocks to be sent out.

Yes! Now ready to be in their respective envelopes and they will all be sent out tomorrow...

14 October 2012

Online Group - Scraps Blocks Swap

This is another on line group swap that I am joining headed by Janni Pederson, where I have to sew using all my scraps. There are several ways of doing it and I chose to sew with one long strip and added another fabric scrap right side together and sew.

I find that it is a kind of therapy in sewing all the scraps together and can never imagine how it will turn out to be until you finish cutting them into a 6" block.

In the midst of sewing and enjoying myself, of course along the way, the Seam Ripper had been my best friend....I need to complete them before end October, that is my own date line.

I will be back again showing what I have done once completed.

Jelly Roll Quilt

This quilt top without border sewn from one Jelly Roll was done a few months back. And now it has gone to someone. I donated this to Naomi Vela from Australia who is the organiser for Orphan Blocks Aussie Heroes. I am happy about it.

13 October 2012

Online Quilters' Group - Florida Cabin Fever

August Block
I am joining this group headed by Debra Pena Franson and each members will be assigned to one block  each. There are twelve blocks altogether.

It is fun doing this, and I have just sent the first block to one of the members and will be carrying it on for the next 11 months...great!

EQ - Block Base Sew Along

Block #1 No. 1336  Sew Saw

After a few years of having EQ6 and upgraded it to EQ7 with all the accompanied books, today I tried my hand on Block Base Sew Along organised by Electric Quilt Company.

So, this block is 12" and using the Rotary Cutting method. Though I am not satisfied with the accuracy of the 1/4" sewing but I managed to submit it before the dateline i.e. before Monday, October 15th.

11 October 2012

JUQ - 10-Minute Table Runner

It has been a long time that I have not updated my work. As usual have been busy with everyday responsibilities etc etc etc.

So recently, I went out with my bff Wan Fatimah and I did a surprise for her i.e. sewn this 10 minute table runner which is quick and easy. I was glad that she was very happy with it.

I learnt to sew this table runner through the on line group JUQ and we are doing table runner swapping among members too. It was fun.

See you again with more of my work soon.

11 September 2012

JUQ - Charity Blocks for Children's Home

I participated sewing these blocks "Four Patch" for Children's Home organised by Marlene Baerg Oddie, a JUQ member. These were supposed to be sent out before September 6 but due to festive season and health problems, it was really delayed and only managed to post it out on September 11, 2012. It is a 6" block of each.

As usual I normally do extra blocks to keep to be turned into a quilt at the end of the year and sewn another two extra blocks which became like this below 12 1/2" block:-

JUQ - Applique Block for August Birthday Girl

The applique Pansies that I made for Marjorie Lynn Badge for her birthday last August 2012.

The fabric choices that I have selected...

27 July 2012

JUQ 2012 Mystery Quilt

Remember on June 7th I wrote about the JUQ Mystery Quilt that I was excited about to do...so here I am cutting the fabrics as instructed for Step 1.

                                Step 2 with flying geese and half square blocks

                                 Step 3 with flying geese, square blocks and triangle blocks.

Step 4 done....the four blocks will not be joined together like this but these are the four units that are needed to be sewn in Step 4. So I shall wait for the next Step to out at the end of this month. See you again.

After all the next 3 steps done this is how the Mystery Quilt 2012 looks like....

Thank you to Kylie Kenny for organising this fun project....at one time, I couldn't believe that I could follow the instructions given being my age, I am very blurrr at times....

Looking forward to the next mystery quilt.


23 July 2012

QSHS (Quilter's Scrappy Half Square Swap)

This is another online group that I am in which is called QSHS where we sew half square triangles using the fabric chosen by the members who wants to do this swapping. I am happy to sew these blocks especially from the scraps that I have been collecting. At the end of the day, the blocks that I will receive are from all the beautiful scraps. FUN!

JUQ Special Olympic Quilt Block

This is a block called 'Baby Bud' chosen by the organiser to do the quilts for the disabled players for the  special Olympic event. The colours requested is strong bold solid colours with yellow centres. I am glad that I could do a small contribution to Jenni Boynton, a member of JUQ (Just Us Quilters) an online quilters on Facebook..project accomplished..VERY HAPPY!

20 July 2012

Worldwide Siggy Blocks

It has been sometimes that I last updated my blog....well I have to meet few datelines where my sewing is concerned. These are my last batch of siggy blocks that have been sent out which all together 74 pieces that I have sewn.

I will be receiving the same amount too and looking forward to put them all together with beautiful sashing and borders...very happy..!

Thank you Naomi Vela for organising this internationally.

25 June 2012

Hello Birdie

Hello again with my last three birdies made last week following the pattern from Lisa of www.theredthread.com.au

The middle birdie is for my son and the other two will be given as a gifts yet to determine who I should give them too.

I will be doing another two more for my sister and my friend in Washington D.C. It is kind of fun doing this but the stuffing part is not to my liking. You will see cotton balls flying all over the place. See you again.

07 June 2012

JUQ - 2012 Mystery Quilt

Well, here I am again. This time I am excited to work on this project by Just Us Quilters (JUQ) under its associated group named 2012 Mystery Quilt organised by experienced quilt maker Kylie Kenny from Australia. So the first step is to select fabrics which I don't have to buy but just go through my collections. I have chosen the four types of colours as instructed. So the next two weeks shall meet again....

Now changes made....:

So these fabrics will be my final destination for this wonderful and exciting project....see you in two weeks time.

01 June 2012

Eleanor Burn's - Broken Dishes

This block is called 'Broken Dishes' from Eleanor Burn's Party Block for March. I may want to do another two more blocks like this. I have given one to a birthday lady for JUQ BBOM. I just hope she will like it. See you again.

26 May 2012

Eleanor Burn's - Snail Trails/Virginia Reel

I am quite way behind cos this is March block of El's Kitchen Block Party. Now I am sewing the second block in this month i.e. Broken Dishes. Will be posting it soon.

24 May 2012

JUQ - 3rd group of Siggy Blocks

This is the 3rd group of Siggy blocks that I had sent out this morning. So far 26 blocks altogether. Hoping there will be more joining in before the date line ended. I just love to do these blocks...see you all again.

17 May 2012

JUQ - Signature Blocks

I am happy that I have completed the 2nd list of this fun Signature blocks and have sent them out to the members who joined in this project. I really like sewing the pieces together cos it is very easy and fast.

14 May 2012

JUQ - Signature Block Swap

I signed up for this Siggy swap organised by Naomi Vela recently under JUQ. I started cutting on May 12th, 2012 and completed sewing the 9 blocks on May 13th, 2012 (on Mother's Day...no cooking so keep on sewing...GREAT!) excluding mine which I will sew it later.

I am happy with the result and ready to post them all tomorrow morning. I will be continuing with the 2nd list (for me) of Siggy swapping tomorrow which will be another 9 more blocks....enjoying it.

10 May 2012

Restoration - Day and Night Quilt

This 'Day and Night' quilt was made in the year 1999 for my 2nd daughter Nur Amirah when she in her year One in primary school. It has been well used by her and she made me promised not to put it away because she still want to use it when she comes back from her studies in Melbourne, Australia.

So the only way for me to keep it well again and make it look good is to use 'heart' cut out fabric and appliqued them all at the places where the frays are found...so now mission accomplished. I am happy and hoping that she will be happy too.

06 May 2012

Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks

After being a member online in Farmer's Wife Group, I am able to use up the book that I bought named 'The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt' by Laurie Aaron Hird which contained 111  6.5" blocks altogether. It is fun sewing them but quite tedious course accuracy is very important here. I am trying to get them right myself. A long way to go, I managed to complete only 10 blocks since 2nd May 2012.
I am looking forward to finish them all up.

30 April 2012

Remnants of My Life Quilt

Not to throw or put aside but just block them, sash them and patched them together to make into another quilt to be used by anyone at home. Remember the competition done by JUQ Sultry Braids....these are my remnants which I will post again once all the 30 blocks joined  together. I am happy...no wastage!!! See you all again.

12 April 2012

Eleanor Burn's Block Party - February 2012

Hi again and this time I have completed the 1st block for Eleanor Burn's Block Party for the month of February i.e. called 'Tea Cup'. I think my mistake was for not using a darker fabric at the bottom so can't really see the doily used. Anyway, it is okay, what is done is done...I am not going to use my seam ripper to rip it rip it...no way.

This is the second block for February called 'The Blossom'. It was fun doing it. It is a 12" block.
I am now going to do the blocks for March 2012 which will soon be posted. See you...!

Well this block which is a 6" block and  I was contemplating to try or not to try but at last I tried it out and came out sweet but it was tedious and took a longer time to complete. My eldest daughter has fell in love with it and asking me to do one quilt for her with this pattern but in floral pink and white. Well of course I will do it for her with love. Thanks to Eleanor Burns for showing the way to do this pattern.

07 April 2012

Eleanor Burn's Block Party

Well, though this block has started since January 2012 by Eleanor Burn on her website and I subscribed to it online,  I only managed to sew it yesterday. This is called 'My Mother's Apron' a 12" finished block. It is a very easy block. I did not sew the pocket cos I thought it would be too busy.

And this one is called 'Hour Glass' also a 12" finished block with inter-locking seam. A very neat finish.
I really like the way Eleanor's teaching which is very easy to follow and fun too.

See you again.