27 July 2012

JUQ 2012 Mystery Quilt

Remember on June 7th I wrote about the JUQ Mystery Quilt that I was excited about to do...so here I am cutting the fabrics as instructed for Step 1.

                                Step 2 with flying geese and half square blocks

                                 Step 3 with flying geese, square blocks and triangle blocks.

Step 4 done....the four blocks will not be joined together like this but these are the four units that are needed to be sewn in Step 4. So I shall wait for the next Step to out at the end of this month. See you again.

After all the next 3 steps done this is how the Mystery Quilt 2012 looks like....

Thank you to Kylie Kenny for organising this fun project....at one time, I couldn't believe that I could follow the instructions given being my age, I am very blurrr at times....

Looking forward to the next mystery quilt.


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