25 June 2012

Hello Birdie

Hello again with my last three birdies made last week following the pattern from Lisa of www.theredthread.com.au

The middle birdie is for my son and the other two will be given as a gifts yet to determine who I should give them too.

I will be doing another two more for my sister and my friend in Washington D.C. It is kind of fun doing this but the stuffing part is not to my liking. You will see cotton balls flying all over the place. See you again.

07 June 2012

JUQ - 2012 Mystery Quilt

Well, here I am again. This time I am excited to work on this project by Just Us Quilters (JUQ) under its associated group named 2012 Mystery Quilt organised by experienced quilt maker Kylie Kenny from Australia. So the first step is to select fabrics which I don't have to buy but just go through my collections. I have chosen the four types of colours as instructed. So the next two weeks shall meet again....

Now changes made....:

So these fabrics will be my final destination for this wonderful and exciting project....see you in two weeks time.

01 June 2012

Eleanor Burn's - Broken Dishes

This block is called 'Broken Dishes' from Eleanor Burn's Party Block for March. I may want to do another two more blocks like this. I have given one to a birthday lady for JUQ BBOM. I just hope she will like it. See you again.