06 March 2011

Past Quilts

Clockwise from the top, starting from left:

1.  This queen size quilt was made for my eldest daughter and named as 'Flower Girl' quilt.

2.  This twin size quilt was made for my 2nd daughter. The block pattern was Sun Burst and in the gradation of blues.  The quilt was named "Day and Night".

3.  Well, this queen size quilt was commissioned to me by my sister-in-law and she gave me the freedom to choose the pattern.  So i chose to machine applique the roses which pattern was  taken from an 'Encyclopedia of Applique by Barbara Brackman and joined by Courthouse Steps blocks.

4.  This baby quilt too was commissioned to me for a friend's newborn grandchild.  I did not follow any particular pattern. I used the preprinted blocks and joined randomly with square and rectangle blocks.

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