27 February 2012

Jelly Roll Quilt

Yesterday, I completed another one that is my 4th Jelly Roll quilt top. I have two more to go and then will finish them all together in one go i.e. putting in the inner border, outer border, backing, batting, and quilt top basted together and quilt it and hopefully they will turn into 5 beautiful quilts. One quilt has gone for charity organisation in Newfoundland, USA.

26 February 2012

Polkadot Jelly Roll Quilt

Well, here is another one of my Jelly Roll quilt top all the polkadots in various colours. This I made for my 2nd daughter because the colours carry her characters. Will be thinking of the border fabrics more on tone on tone plain fabrics for all my Jelly Roll quilt tops since the main blocks are very busy.

I will be digging more Jelly Rolls which now is for my son, eldest daughter and for myself and hubby...practising is good for my 1/4" scant seam sewing.

Jelly Roll Quilt Top

This morning I completed one more Jelly Roll quilt top but while in the mid of sewing, I realised that the thread counts were not the same and so as the width length. I am really not satisfied with the end product though the colours were kind of okay.

So I have decided to give this quilt top to a charity organisation. End of story.!!

25 February 2012

Batik Jelly Roll Quilt

I have finished with my JUQ Birthday Block but I can't post them yet not until mid March because by this time the birthday ladies would have received their birthday blocks from other quilters. It is a surprise for them. Anyway, after sending them all out yesterday morning, I started off with my new projects i.e. Jelly Roll quilt.

I have in my collections few jelly rolls so I am trying out this easy pattern. It is simple and can be sewn in 1 hour the most. But that is not finished yet, need to round it up with borders to make into queen size quilt.

Now I am on to my 2nd Jelly Roll and 3rd one too...let's see how fast I go...!!!

18 February 2012

Hello again after my very first post this year of 2012. I easily got distracted when it comes to family matters and I have to attend to that first then only come my hobby which is secondary. Since now I am quite settling down and have much free time, here I am again. I am thankful to my bff i.e. Datin Mariam who keeps on motivating me and she introduced me to this new group Just Us Quilters (JUQ) and the group gave me a lot of inspirations and keep me going. So now I am with the new project, (not mentioning that I have not completed with the 2011 BOM from the same group), which is Birthday Block Club.

Today I have audited my fabrics for the three lovely ladies whom two have celebrated their birthdays last two weeks and another lady whose birthday will be on the first week of March 2012. We have to do 12 1/2" block  and get it sent out to the birthday ladies. I am planning to make patterns using paper piecing method following Carol Doak's quilt book.So I will be putting on my 4th gear and keep on sewing which I am excited to see the results myself. I will be posting the results real soon cos my dead line that I gave myself is on Tuesday next week. Wish me luck.!!!!