26 May 2012

Eleanor Burn's - Snail Trails/Virginia Reel

I am quite way behind cos this is March block of El's Kitchen Block Party. Now I am sewing the second block in this month i.e. Broken Dishes. Will be posting it soon.

24 May 2012

JUQ - 3rd group of Siggy Blocks

This is the 3rd group of Siggy blocks that I had sent out this morning. So far 26 blocks altogether. Hoping there will be more joining in before the date line ended. I just love to do these blocks...see you all again.

17 May 2012

JUQ - Signature Blocks

I am happy that I have completed the 2nd list of this fun Signature blocks and have sent them out to the members who joined in this project. I really like sewing the pieces together cos it is very easy and fast.

14 May 2012

JUQ - Signature Block Swap

I signed up for this Siggy swap organised by Naomi Vela recently under JUQ. I started cutting on May 12th, 2012 and completed sewing the 9 blocks on May 13th, 2012 (on Mother's Day...no cooking so keep on sewing...GREAT!) excluding mine which I will sew it later.

I am happy with the result and ready to post them all tomorrow morning. I will be continuing with the 2nd list (for me) of Siggy swapping tomorrow which will be another 9 more blocks....enjoying it.

10 May 2012

Restoration - Day and Night Quilt

This 'Day and Night' quilt was made in the year 1999 for my 2nd daughter Nur Amirah when she in her year One in primary school. It has been well used by her and she made me promised not to put it away because she still want to use it when she comes back from her studies in Melbourne, Australia.

So the only way for me to keep it well again and make it look good is to use 'heart' cut out fabric and appliqued them all at the places where the frays are found...so now mission accomplished. I am happy and hoping that she will be happy too.

06 May 2012

Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks

After being a member online in Farmer's Wife Group, I am able to use up the book that I bought named 'The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt' by Laurie Aaron Hird which contained 111  6.5" blocks altogether. It is fun sewing them but quite tedious course accuracy is very important here. I am trying to get them right myself. A long way to go, I managed to complete only 10 blocks since 2nd May 2012.
I am looking forward to finish them all up.